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Onoto is a line of ceramic objects designed to enhance our lives. Its designs provide beauty as well as meaning to our human rituals, by addressing function and aesthetics at the same time, thus providing pleasure and an opportunity to play. Onoto’s designers align their design process with values that are important to them such as sharing with others and caring for ourselves and for the environment, attempting to create designs that go beyond personal needs and become part of the culture.

This approach to design will hopefully lead to authentic and memorable living moments.

Anabella Georgi




Anabella Georgi studied graphic design, this helped her create her own language where graphics and color are central to her design process. Her interest in craftsmanship and production processes has led her to work with different artisans always looking for new ways to use different materials and create new forms.

Kiara Matos




Kiara Matos has been working in ceramics for 25 years, and is in result a refined craft person. Her practice reflects a mixture of process based intuition, design appreciation and a pragmatic use of color. This last aspect has led her to study glaze chemistry as a way to control and expand her color palette, allowing her to create a very distinct body of work.