This proposal refers to the ALTAR as a representation of faith in universal cultures. A space of hope and spirituality, of connection with our inner self.


The design concept is a modular system, based on a cylinder made up of three pieces of different heights that fit together and can be arranged in different ways creating patterns that vary the function and shape. This versatility allows you to change its functionality as a vase or candle holder, or a combination of the two, the piece however is not limited to these functions, it has a clear flexibility of use that can be dictated by the user.

The design consists of 3 pieces which is the smallest number needed to create a pattern. Nevertheless the system has the possibility to grow by adding and combining more sets.

In reference to the use of color we have made the bigger section of the cylinder either dark brown or white given its central role and have chosen to make the smaller pieces flexible in terms of the possible color combinations. But since these options could be overwhelming two main proposals have been made. These can be seen in the second drawing of the attachments.